Make it: Travel Dolls House in a Suitcase

Today we have one of the cutest DIY's I think we have done, a Travel Dolls-house Suitcase. A great little project to make for your little ones to take on your travels over the holidays, or like me if you just love cute little things to put on display. 

This project was prompted by a sort out of my old toys in my Mums attic. I found my My Little Pony travelling stable and three or four Barbie doll room sets that I made from cardboard boxes when I was young.  Does anyone else remember weeks of following along with Blue Peter making dolls furniture out of things like loaf tins, yoghurt pots and sticky back plastic?? No ...  Just me? Okay, on with the make...

I started with a cardboard suitcase. I got this one from Amazon, but they are available in lots of craft stores and gift shops too.

I painted the inside white, but you could also add scrapbook papers or decoupage the inside as wall paper if you want a more colourful room for your miniatures. I wanted to keep mine quite neutral.

I used some off cuts of different textured fabrics to make the furnishings. Some cotton with the edges frayed out makes a dainty floor rug and a little cream velour cut to shape makes a cute faux throw.

A cocktail stick, bakers twine and a scrap of cotton makes a trendy 'Be kind' banner. Little scrap-booking supplies make great wall art simply blue-tacked in place.

The bed I made from cardboard, the headboard is large paper clips masking taped together and painted white to create a painted iron look. With bedding sewn from fabrics with petite prints and a little miniature teddy I bought from Etsy a few years ago the room is starting to take shape.

I used two chipboard shapes and some more large paper clips to make the chair. The mini tassel garland is made from embroidery thread and bakers twine (I'm pretty sure that is my favourite bit).

Some more of the accessories were inspired from my craft room, the succulent made from a bead and some felt, the reel of thread and heart in a jar were from some old projects. Be on the look out for small things that may work as accessories. The feature shelves were simply made from kraft card.

The last accessory I made to bring this dolls house bedroom into this millennium was a mini lap top, notebook and pencil, because lets face it, life just isn't right without a note book and pen. The laptop is simply black and silver card, the note book from paper and the pencil from a cocktail stick, painted to look like a pencil.  Place all your cute little accessories into your suitcase and there you have a little bedroom set that your little ones can take on trips to keep them occupied. (Do keep in mind the age and abilities of your little ones when choosing the size and intricacy of the accessories you make).

I hope you like this 'little' DIY, do you have a little one who might like this travelling dolls house? Or will you be making one all for yourself? You can always have a go at making some of these accessories for a non travelling dolls house too!

Sammy xxx
P.S. For anyone who is wondering, yes, I totally have a Blue Peter badge!

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