Make it: Sleep Mask + Free Template

These light bright spring mornings are a joy to wake up to, but some days you just need those extra few minutes to enjoy your Sunday lie in! Am I right? This sleep mask will not only help you catch a few extra zzzzz but can also help you turn off at night, no peeking to check Instagram though!

To make your own you will need: Two pieces of fabric aprox 35cm x 15cm, the same size of Iron on fleece, felt or wadding, 1.5m bias binding, eye mask template, 30cm of elastic, a fade away pen, scissors and thread.

Step 1. Iron on your fleece to one piece of your cotton, or tack in place if you are using wadding or felt.
Step 2. Draw around the template (you can download yours here)
Step 3. Pin the fabric with the padding to the second piece of fabric with the padding sandwiched between the two layers.
Step 4. Take your fabric scissors and cut around the mask shape to the line you have drawn.
Step 5+6. Sew diagonal lines at equal spacing, approx 1cm apart, all the way along the length of your
Step 7+8. Once you have sewn to the end, go back and sew diagonally across the other way, to create a quilted effect.

Step 9. To create the strap take a 50cm length of bias binding and with right sides together sew along the length to create a tube.
Step 10. Use a bodkin or a safety pin and turn the tube right side out.
Step 11. Then thread the elastic through the tube and sew it in place at both ends with a few stitches.
Step 12. Pin the strap in place at either side of the mask.
Step 13. Take care and pin the raw edge or the rest of your bias tape around the inside of your mask curving gently as you go. 
Step 14. Stitch all the way around the edge with a narrow seam, about 4-5mm. Remove all those pins and flip over the bias to the other side of the mask. 
Step 15. Tuck under the raw edge and pin the other side of the bias in place. 
Step 16. Gently sew all the way around, being sure to catch the edge of the bias under your line of top stitching and to keep the strap well out of the way. 

There you have your perfect sleeping companion, also a great gift for any of your girlfriends. Perfect for helping you sleep on any holiday flights you might have coming up over the summer months too!

I hope you have some lovely plans for the weekend. I'm planning a Sunday lie in!
Sammy xxx

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  1. Since you made this cutie, could you share the width of the elastic you used? I simply love the idea. So feminine. You can use all kinds of fabric/bias and have so much fun with it. Thank you so much for sharing, girls!

    1. Hi, I am glad you like the project, they make awesome gifts for your girlfriends. great for travelling too. Yes I'm sure it was about 8-9mm 3/8 -1/2 inch but as long as you make the casing big enough you can use what ever you have to hand.
      Sammy xx

  2. Great Tutorial!I was actually thinking about buying a new sleep mask for my daughter! This is really beautiful and simple. We have an apartment facing the street and too much light gets in, so this is pretty much important to us. Thanks for sharing this..


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