Make it: Fox and Bunny Chopsticks with Tiger

As Sammy mentioned last week, we took a dive into what Tiger had to offer a couple of weeks ago and I found these training chopsticks which I thought would look great with a little additional fun to them.  As these training chopsticks would probably be used for children (although any age need a helping hand with chopsticks sometimes - am I right?!), I thought that making the ends a little more fun with some animal faces would be a good idea.

You will need: Training Chopsticks (mine were from Tiger), Acrylic Paint, paintbrush, black and coloured pens, paint palette (or plate like me) and water pot.  You may want to varnish these aswell, but acrylic should hold up well to washing - just maybe not the dishwasher.

So first you need to decide on your characters, I went with a bunny rabbit and fox as I felt that the pointed ends lent themselves to these animals.  I did a little sketch first so that I had an idea first, but you many want to just go for it.

I gave the ends of the chopsticks a base coat of the colour I wanted and then gave it another coat to make it a nice solid colour.  For the bunny it was white and for the Fox I went with a brown and orange mix.  I did both sides of the chopsticks but you could always just do one side if you preferred.

I added in a few of the features with the paint, pink ears for the bunny and a bit more orange for the fox ears, then left them to dry.  I used my water pot to stand them up to dry, so that one side didn't get smudged.

Then, to add detail, I used a black pen to do the eyes of the fox and outline detail on both the fox and bunny ears.

Then voila, all done.  A really simple customisation of some training chopsticks, just to make them a little more fun for your dinner.

Which animals would you make, or would you make them with patterns on or something completely different?  Let us know in the comments below.

H, xxx

This Post is in collaboration with Tiger

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