Make it: Colour Pop Headphones with Tiger

Last time H and I popped into London we headed to what is becoming our go-to place for DIY friendly home-wares, Tiger.  We picked up loads of fun bits and bobs, one of the things I got was some white headphones. I loved them white but I wanted to give them a bit of a make over. I have seen so many really cool decorated ones around lately and I thought these would make a great base for a little colour pop.

To make these colour pop headphones you will need: a scrap of colourful jersey fabric, a pair of white headphones from Tiger. Scissors, needle and thread, double sided tape, a thin flat ended tool (a flat head screwdriver would work)

Step1. Start by removing the ear pad from the earphone head and removing it from the headband.
Step 2. Find a good piece of your fabric where you like the pattern and draw around the earphone leaving about 2.5cm seam allowance.
Step 3. Cut out your circle of jersey.
Step 4. Take some double sided tape and stick it around the edge of the earphone. Using the tool or screwdriver start to poke the edge of the jersey in the gap between the outside and inside of the earphone.
Step 5. Once you have tucked the raw edges in all the way around, pop it back in the headband and replace the ear pad.
Step 6. Repeat on the other earphone.

Step 7. Cut a length of jersey long enough to cover the band over the head.
Step 8. Fold the jersey over the band and hand stitch it in place, turning the edges in as you go.
Step 9. You can leave the sewn edge to the side or twist it to the centre.
Step 10. Enjoy your new headphones.

I am so in love with these beauties! The thing I love is that the possibilities are endless. You can use any jersey fabric, you could even use an old band t-shirt and if you change you mind after a while just remove your first go and start again. 

Do you have a Tiger store near you? H is lucky enough to have one near her in Woking. I am hoping Maidenhead might be next on their list, that might be wishful thinking. I am loving visiting when I am in London though. Have you picked up any must haves from their spring collection? What DIY's are you up to this bank holiday? Let us know as always in the comments below.

Have a lovely weekend
Sammy xxx

This post is a collaboration with Tiger Stores UK.

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