Hayfever Free Fabulous Faux Flowers

I love a good bunch of flowers around the house, it makes the place feel so fresh and happy. I am however lazy... and a little cheap, I just hate that they die so fast. I love my succulents too but sometimes you just need some colour don't you think? Another issue for me is that our H is allergic and my Steve gets hay-fever! I am hoping these amazing crafty creations might just be my salvation. The links above take you to the tutorials to make all of these beautiful faux florals, a good compromise for my house hold, now just to choose which ones to make first. 

H and I are off to see the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A today, We are sooooo excited! Check out our Instagram as we will be posting live all day on our little London day trip. 

Have a lovely weekend
Sammy xxx

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