Bank Holiday Food Round-up

Well, it's that Bank Holiday time and so it's time to try and be a bit more healthy after all the weekend excess and a bit lazy for the last evening of the long weekend.

I found a few recipes that I thought I might try, although maybe not all of them!

First up is these Courgette and Black bean burgers from Girl Makes food, don't they look yummy!

Secondly there is this cheese free Macaroni and Cheese - always a good stodgy food to end the weekend with!  This is from a book I got for my birthday called Keep it Vegan by Aime Carlin- helps with finding dairy free recipes rather than particularly being vegan.

Then, there is this amazing Prad Prig Dang Beef, which I had at Rosa's the last time we went, it was amazing so I thought I should have a try at home.  They have a few of their recipes on their blog and so well worth a look.

Now of course something sweet to finish off the weekend in style!  I found these meringue recipes on the Good to Know site, which helps me to make those amazing massive meringues that look so lovely in cafe's, and dairy free too!

So now we are done with talking about it, I think it's about time I got started making.


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