Myth Busting: Blogging

Despite being bloggers for nearly 5 years now we haven't ever really written anything about blogging. We thought it was about time that we did a little post about the things that people think we do and about blogging and bloggers in general. Those blogging myths, if you like. It is always interesting to see what people think about what you do and everyone has a different take on it I am sure, but these are just some of the myths we thought should be busted!

Myth #1: Everyone has a journalism background.
Not everyone starts their blog as part of a journalism degree or as a way to get free clothing when they are cash strapped.  Many blogs are now started earlier and earlier and in the UK, the fashion and beauty bloggers and vloggers are kings and queens.  Not everyone who starts a blog thinks that they are great at writing. We started with a idea and have learnt about our writing styles along the way - probably still learning there - which is no bad thing. Sammy is still terrible at spelling!  Getting your ideas down and relating to your audience is key, but you really don't need to have taken a degree in it or worked in publishing to do that.

Myth #2: Your going to earn loads of money from your blog.
Lots of people think that we get free stuff and get paid lots for what we do.  Not true.  Obviously that would be lovely, a great way to add to our day job income.  However making a blog work, takes time and hard work.  We have been to many talks and discussions about this and it really depends on each person, but just making money from writing a blog is unusual.  The money comes from advertising, writing for other people and other opportunities that come from having a blog a lot of the time.  Sometimes brands send you items to review, that in itself has a responsibility attached.  You don't want to give a good review if you don't actually like it and also, would you really use it if you were paying for it?  Just because it is free, doesn't mean its a good brand match for you and as lovely as freebies are, they do not pay the rent!

Myth #3: We go to amazing events all the time.
We can only speak of personal experience here, we both have quite full on day jobs, which means we can't go to the opening of every envelope in town, we also don't live in a big City and so we have to pick and choose the events we go to carefully.  Also, we don't always get invited!  We just are not in uber blogger status yet, I know, hard to believe hey!  We would love to be invited and attend more events and meet more bloggers. This is definitely on the networking wishlist.  We also want to go to events that we really want to go to and sometimes we just can't do it which is a shame, but luckily social media always gives us an eye into what went on which helps.

Myth #4:  Blogging is just fun, doesn't take anytime at all.
Blogging is really fun, however to make your blog successful you need to put the time and effort in.  If you just want to write something down every now and again, by all means start a blog, just don't expect to become a blogging superstar overnight.  Anyone can start a blog, its so simple, you just have to have something to say and commit to doing it.  However, if you want to make it something you are proud of, it takes good photography skills, ideas and all of that spare time that you have.  There are two of us and it can be a balancing act with jobs, personal lives and our blog, but we want it to be something that will continue to grow, which means many Sundays spent doing tutorials, many weekends checking out new fun things to do and then stopping every 2 minutes to take photographs and also blog meetings in the pub.  I am not going to lie, they all sound ace, but it can eat into your time with other people and so be prepared.

Myth #5:  We all have amazing homes.
You really do need to see behind the camera.  We move, polish and pile up our daily lives, just to get that perfect shot of a white background for the tutorial.  We have a habit of choosing a little spot halfway between the bedroom and the bathroom or nearest to a window, to get the best light and a nice even surface.  We really do not live our lives like you see it on camera, so don't panic.  Most of us have quite normal homes that mean the clutter and chaos that is around, just gets shoved to the side, but it wouldn't be quite the same for you to think that we are like mere mortals would it?

Any bloggers out there agree, what would be your top myth you would like busted?  Let us know in the comments below.

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