Make it: Pastel and Neon Clutch Bag

It feels like handbag central here this week, Wednesday's post was how to organise and today you can add to your collection with this DIY pastel and neon colour block clutch bag. A simple colourful make to brighten up our rainy Easter weekend. I have seen loads of these peek-a-boo bags around lately and I was itching to use my Teflon sewing machine foot again. 

You will need: A bright coloured zip 14"/16", an A4 sheet of leatherette, two A4 sheets of clear vinyl plastic, a sewing machine with a Teflon foot (or some Scotch magic tape stuck to the bottom of your zipper foot) You could sew this project by hand with embroidery floss too if you don't have a machine.
I picked up these sheets of pastel leatherette on Ebay and the sparkle plastic was from a shower curtain I found in the pound shop a while back.

Step 1. Start by cutting your leatherette in half long ways.
Step 2. Attach the zip by sewing along one edge of the leatherette. Go slow and steady, as you won't be able to use pins.
Step 3. It should look a little something like this.
Step 4. Line up the second piece of leatherette and sew in place on the other side of the zip.
Step 5. Take your two pieces of vinyl and sew them to the bottom edge of the leatherette.
Step 6. Sew it to the inside and if you like use a zigzag or other decorative stitch. It will help it look neater if your line isn't very straight. Repeat for the other side. Again, go slowly as the pieces may want to move around.

Step 7. Undo the zip to over half way undone and fold in half with the right sides facing each other.
Step 8. With the bag inside out sew all the way around the three sides of the bag with a straight stitch. Try to sew the corners slightly rounded or sew across them to help when it is turned through.
Step 9. Trim away any excess edges and the ends of the zip.
Step 10. Turn your new clutch right side out and fill it with loads of pretty stuff.

I know the clear section at the bottom won't be for everyone, but you could flip it so that the clear section is at the top? For me it will help stop me from carrying around too much junk in my bag on nights out! I love how simple and quick this was. I think I might make a few more slightly bigger and use them as fun document holders for work and for my office at home. They would definitely cheer up boring VAT returns!

I do hope you all have a fabulous Bank Holiday Weekend
Sammy xxx

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