Make it: Handbag Storage Solution

This little area in our home has been waiting for a makeover for so long so when Space Station Storage got in touch asking for some ideas for their Storage Solutions Project I knew exactly which space needed attention. I wanted to create an attractive handbag storage solution worthy of any walk-in wardrobe for under £50. I have so many handbags I wanted to have a fun, tidy space to store them in.

I started by removing the shelves of the bookcase and applying the wrapping paper to the back board with double sided tape. 

Then I used a scalpel to trim any excess. Already looking better I think you will agree!

My next step was to make use of some hardware to help keep the bags looking organised once they were on the shelves. I found these Ikea pot lid organisers and a wire basket to pop onto the shelves.

The shelves were from Argos at £22.99, the wrapping paper was £2 for 2m from Wilkos, the Pot racks were £5 each from Ikea and the basket was £8 from Wilkos. So the project came in at only £42.99, now that's a bargain if you ask me, You could make it even more reasonable if you use an existing bookcase or pick up one second hand. 

The next step is the best bit, I got all my Handbags, clutches and purses out. I gave them a good old clean and sorted them onto the shelves.
The pot lid organiser does a great job of keeping all my clutch bags in order so they are easy to see and grab in a hurry for a night out. The basket keeps all my purses neatly together too.

I used my bigger bags for storing all my little make up bags and zipped pouches, it keeps them all together and keeps the bigger bag nicely stuffed so it doesn't fall over on the bottom shelf

As a little finishing touch, I put my two current go-to bags on display with a collection of my fave fashion books and taped some fun postcards to the wall.

I am IN LOVE with this little area now. It makes my day walking out of my bedroom to see this little space.

Which areas of your home need a little spring clean? Could you be making better use of those little forgotten spaces in your home? Check out the Space Station Blog for more storage ideas and how they can help you free up space in your home.

Sammy xxx

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