H's Vintage Homeware

Hello there, today I have a little sneak peek at my new abode for you and also some Vintage treasures for you to take a look at.  We all know by now I am sure that I love Vintage clothing and this extends to my home wares and luckily I have parents who never like to throw away anything good and also a some great little charity shops around me which I can delve into.

Today's treats though have come by way of my parents and I love every little story behind them and so I thought I would share them with you.

I guess I should start with the title picture.  This little beauty of a coffee table used to be in our living room when I was growing up and when one of my oldest friends popped around for a visit the other week, she remembered it, so it must be good.  I love the style and those legs, just perfect 1970's style.  It goes really well with my modern rug and sofa too.

Next up are these curtains, which I know full well are not to everyone's taste and usually Orange is not a colour I go for.  But these curtains just have something about them and have been hanging around even longer than the coffee table I think.  They started in my parents house before I was born, then into the house I grew up in, my brother had them at his first house for a while and now they are with me.  My mum thinks she got the fabric from a market as she didn't have long enough curtains for the longer windows.  So handmade also.  I have been waiting to get my own place to have these for years.

Who doesn't love a bit of crockery and having your own place means you get to keep it all for yourself.  I have been given plates, bowls and all sorts, but these soup bowls are just ace.  Obviously the blue ones need not much introduction as I would clearly love them for their colour.  I also remember using the Owl bowls when I was growing up, no wonder I love owls so much.

Lastly and by no means least, this fabric is in fact a bedspread. My mum said she used to have it on her bed when she was at home and so it has done its time.  I love the pattern and colour obviously, but mostly I love that it's something that my mum used and that I will now use.

I love that Vintage has a story and it's even better when you know that story and have a connection with it.  Brings the comforts of your childhood into your new home.  Don't get me wrong there is always a place for a little Ikea and Tiger - who doesn't love them, but knowing that something has lasted this long and will continue to last, is brilliant.

What do you have that reminds you of your childhood?  Do you have things that keep getting passed around the family? I would love to hear more.

Hope your all having a great day!

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