Review: Pretty Organised

This month we were given the opportunity to review the Pretty Organised book by Jane Hughes.  It popped through the doors of Sammy's shop, Sew Crafty and was a pleasure to leaf through and gain inspiration from.

There is a lovely index with small pictures of the projects divided into the rooms in which the projects would fit.  This is a great way to divide up the different ideas and so it gives you a great excuse to see what that next-room-you-just-have-to-get-finished needs.  There is a mix of quick simple achievable projects and things that would take a little longer, so something for everyone.

The projects themselves are clear and easy to follow.  Each project has written instructions and a few pictures to help you along, aswell as the tools and materials you will need.  We loved this wall box and H found a very similar box in Homebase the other day for all of you that fancy having a go.

This Wall pocket organiser is so good to use up those little bits of fabric left over for the pockets and would look great in a children's bedroom or an adults of course.  You could make as many pockets as you like and make it fit all your bits and pieces too.

Just look at this storage trolley too!!!!  Everyone was going crazy for the Ikea Raskog trolley last year, but you could make your own!  Perfect for the laptop to have a rest or just to look oh so pretty in the corner!  Perhaps a drinks trolley for parties?  I know, so retro, but we are in those times, right?!

Next up is a project that I think Sammy might love and its not just due to the stickers involved!  The Meal planner, we all know that leaving it till the evening to decide on what your having for dinner is a recipe for disaster and so planning not only saves you time, but money aswell, alongside throwing away less food and that is no bad thing.  If you have a family it can be a godsend to fend off any 'what are we having for dinner' questions too.

All in all, the Pretty Organised book is lovely.  Some great projects and easy to understand instructions all really help, along with the lovely paper it is printed on and the fact that it is just a book which, well, just has our kinds of projects in.  This would make a great gift for someone who is moving home or trying to get organised.  But then, there are also some great projects so that they can make them for you too, so its a win win if you buy it as a gift!  The main problem is choosing which one to do first!

H & Sammy

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