March Food Roundup

This month has seen spring hit and my desire for some new foods.  I am always about eating a bit healthier and I tend to stick to the same old food's I already know how to make, I'm just not very adventurous in the kitchen.

With Masterchef also giving me a bit of inspiration - anyone else love that programme?  I thought I would buy a few new ingredients and make this little lot.  These are not my versions, these are from the websites where you can find the recipes.

So, from top left, we have Iced Jems Vegan Chocolate and Banana cupcakes, who doesn't love a dairy free cupcake!

Next, I saw this Farfalle Pasta with pancetta with peas recipe whilst browsing You tube the other day, the chef Gennaro Contaldo is hilarious and makes everything sound amazing!

Then there is Madeline Shaw's Vegetable Chilli Con Vegetables with Guacamole, which just looks super lovely and I really can't wait to make this one, that's tonight's job.

and, last but definitely not least is this Chia Seed and Coconut pudding which I had in Le Pain Quotidien the other week and have been dreaming about making it myself.  Made from cocount milk it tastes just like a pudding made with cream.

Everytime I do one of these roundups I get really hungry and today is no exception.  If only I bought the ingredients for lunch!


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