Easter DIY's

Easter is nearly here and the School Holidays have begun which means I will be knee deep in PVA glue and craft materials for the next couple of weeks.  Which got me thinking of some other great DIY's out there that you could do, with your children, or just for yourself!

So, what better way to find some ideas, than through the beautiful world of Pinterest!  You can follow us here.

First up is this great idea for a bunny mask for your little ones, how cute will they look on Easter weekend looking for their eggs with this over their face!  Cuteness overload!

To the top right is this great tutorial for making foiled eggs for decorations.  We did an egg decoration workshop last year for Easter and that is definitely the last time I am blowing eggs (60 eggs later) - but this tutorial from good old Martha, has me thinking I might do a few this year.

Bottom left is a hair raising egg for Easter, sorry, couldn't resist!  Who didn't love sowing cress and watching it grow when you were a child, now it's time to reinvent your youth and get some of your eggs having a bit of a do for the Easter weekend with these Eggheads.

For the last one, it's another version of something I have made at work - these are not mine though.  These Peg Eggs are so cool and you could do any kind of opening and closing characters, we made sharks and monsters for ours last year.  But with the Easter theme, maybe bunnies or children eating eggs inside?

So, which one would you make first?  I am making some super cool peg superheroes for one of my workshops at The Lightbox this year and I am very excited for it, it lands on my birthday, what a way to spend the day hey!

What do you think?  Can you see which superhero they all are?

P.S.  Photos are not all our own, they have been taken from the websites linked within the post.  Apart from the Superheroes, that's all mine!