Valentine's Swap

 A few weeks ago I saw via the wonderful world of Instagram that Ladybird Likes was setting up a Valentine's swap.  Now, I am not into Valentine's Day and it doesn't really bother me either way if people celebrate it or not.  I think it's nice if you want to and just as okay if not.

Anyway, I do like a good swap and so I thought I would get involved.  My swap partner was Emma and Zoe from Ladybird Likes had given us our Instagram names so that we could do a bit of finding out about the person.

Mine arrived last week, but I decided to wait until Valentines day anyway, as why not.  I got loads of lovely things and Emma had totally got that I am into owls and tea!  I can't imagine why she would have got that feeling!  There were chocolates and sweets too, which came in handy for my packing yesterday!  The Chai tea will be a little celebration for later in the week, but more about that another time.

Thanks so much to Emma and the lovely things she sent, I am loving the postcards too and they will adorn my walls soon.

Hope you all had a lovely time whether you celebrated the day or not!