Make it: Geometric Heart Cushion + Free PDF Download

Love is really in the air as there are just 3 days until Valentines day. I have just added some yummy felt packs to my online store Sew Crafty Online so I wanted to make something to show what you could make out of them. I have been lusting after a geometric cushion for a while now as you can tell from our latest Pinterest board so I thought this project could be the perfect solution,

To make your own geometric heart cushion you will need: Felt squares, plain backing fabric, a pretty fabric to back your cushion, scissors, thread, fabric glue and a note pad and pencil.

I started with paper and pencil and work out how big I wanted my cushion to be and how many squares I would need to cut to make the design. I have added my layout to the PDF so you can download that if you want to make yours the same. You will need to cut 18 squares 7.5 cm (3'') out of your felt. Then cut those all diagonally in half to create your triangles. Lay out your triangles on your plain backing fabric according to the design. Once you have all the colours where you want them to go use a little fabric glue to 'tack' them in place.

Head over to your sewing machine and sew lines across the width of the whole cushion, then turn the cushion and sew down each row. I found using the edge of the machine foot as a guide left the perfect distance between the edge of the felt and the row of stitching. Trim away the excess backing fabric leaving a 1.5cm (5/8'') seam allowance.

Take your cushion front and place it right side down onto the pretty fabric you have chosen for the back of your cushion and trim it to the size of the front. Pin around the edge and head to the sewing machine. Starting at the point sew all the way around leaving a 10cm (4'') gap. 

Turn the cushion right side out then use the gap to fill it with stuffing. By hand, sew up the gap with a quick ladder stitch and you are done.

How cute is this! I am totally in love with this cushion and this technique. I am now planning a totally colourful square version and am thinking of attempting a Pineapple ?? I have chosen a Valentines colour pallet but I think this would look great in pastels for Mothers Day. Or, if you added in two more triangles to fill the dip in the heart it would make a great 'superhero' shape cushion in red and blue for a child's room.

What shape or colour scheme would you make with felt triangles?? What are you making for Valentines, let us know on twitter with #livelovemake

Happy Valentines
Sammy xxx

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