Review: Simple Stylish Knitting Magazine

Towards the end of last year we were approached by Simple Stylish Knitting to review their Magazine and have a go at one of their first projects the knitted Fox iPad cover.  Now due to phenomenal demand they sold out and so we had to delay this post so they could restock and then at least you could all have a chance of ordering it if you wanted.  As it wouldn't do to tell you all about it, but then you couldn't actually get it yourself.  Simple Stylish Knitting supplied us with all the wool and equipment we would need for the project, which is very much appreciated.  We also have been Pinning on their Knits to Give board over on Pinterest.

Firstly, lets chat about the magazine itself.  It's a weekly magazine that aims to help people get into knitting one granny square at a time, with a ball of wool with each issue to make a different style stitched square each week, that will make up the blanket you can find in issue one.  It is made for people who have little or no knitting skills and so each issue teaches you a different stitch pattern to give you more knowledge as the issues go along.

Each issue has binder holes and you can buy the binder separately, so you can keep all the projects you like altogether.  They also have a grading system for all the projects in each issue, so that you know what you can achieve and when you start to get better.  The projects are really achievable and not too overwhelming for a beginner, but also make for timeless items to keep in your collection to make time and time again.

Now onto the Fox iPad cover project, this is such a cosy place for your iPad.  Its quite a simple set of stitches with the fox sewn on afterwards.  So a really good starter for 10 as they say.

Simple Stylish Knitting gave us all the wool and needles we would need for the project and lovely Rowan wool at that!  The main part of the case is the darker grey wool, but of course you could always make it whatever colour you like.  We do love a bit of grey though, so its always a good start.

The instructions are really clear and take you through the steps.  They even give you the stitch pattern for making the fox, so you know exactly how to stitch on the very lovely fox on the front.  This was a great project to try and its keeping Sammy's iPad very cosy indeed for winter.

There is an online stitch library too, so you never have to worry about finding the magazine with the stitch you are looking for.  The magazine is available by subscription, which you can get here.

We think that it is a great little magazine for beginners and will give you plenty of projects to try out.  Sometimes just having the ideas can be difficult and so that's why we also have been pinning lots of ideas on their Knits to give board, which you can find here.  That should give you plenty of ideas.

Do let us know if you have read the magazine and you have made the Fox iPad cover. We would love to know what you think.

H & Sammy

Disclaimer:  We were sent items from Simple Stylish Magazine for this feature but were not required to give a positive review.

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