We are as bored of making and breaking resolutions as the rest of you, so this year we aren't going to make any. H and I are just making some 'promises' to ourselves to try and do more of the things that make us happy this year. We want you to join us! Take a photo and post it with the #MoreHappyMe and lets spend a whole year being our best, happiest selves. We are going to...

Explore more
Visit new places and revisit old ones, explore near and far. Research your local area, are there any places within reach that you never knew were there? Is there a county, country or continent you have always wanted to visit?

Make more
Making things for our own enjoyment not just for our jobs or our blog but because we want to. We both love making but it can be hard to remember that not everything has to be for someone else to see. Just being creative, keeping a sketch book and drawing out ideas that no one will ever see is such a release. It is a great way to express feelings and emotions without having to say anything out loud to anyone, if you don't want to. It's also a good way of working through ideas that could be useful for other projects down the line.

Learn more
Taking positive steps towards being brave and saying, I don't know how to do that, but I can learn! Taking an online course or heading to our local learning centre, or just taking an evening class or joining a club. Reading up on a particular technique or proses that we have never tackled before, learning is just another way of saying discovering and doesn't everyone love making new discoveries?!?

Read more
Making time to read more real books, turning off from the online world and social networking for a bit and diving head first in to a magical world that someone else is guiding you through. Taking time out for ourselves and our own well-being is something we all too often neglect.

Relax more
We are not going to sweat the small stuff, we will be letting go of all the little things that don't really matter and enjoying the ones that do. If someone is not behaving the way we expect them too, it's okay, maybe they are having a bad day, maybe they don't realise how they are behaving? Lets not be so quick to judge. Equally if something goes wrong that is out of our control, we can work around it, be active in finding a solution, or move away and let it go. We are going to try and leave confrontation and opinion to important situations not every niggle needs to become a big deal.

Eat more
Good stuff, we aren't planning on just stuffing our faces with any old thing, healthy happy food, with the occasional treat thrown in for good measure. Fresh food, that makes us feel good inside and out. We both know that when we eat good food it makes us feel better, it can be so tempting to order takeaway and eat cakes all the time but it makes us feel really rubbish, tired and grumpy. Fresh home cooked meals and healthy snacks make us feel so much better.

Let us know with the #MoreHappyMe what you want to do more of this year.

Sammy & H

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