Embracing the dawn of another year, we embark on a voyage of crafty ingenuity today, unveiling an effortless DIY gem that promises to revolutionize the very essence of your camera bag’s interior landscape. Picture this: those rubberized tentacles of most camera straps, once a clingy irritant to the nape, relentlessly ensnaring your sense of freedom during your gallivanting escapades. But fear not, for a luminous solution awaits in the annals of your creative journey. Behold, an ode to tactile liberation! About a cycle of Earth’s orbit ago, a divine notion graced my realm of thought—an embodiment of elegance to caress the contours of my trusty camera strap. A “strap cover,” they call it, a moniker that now harmonizes with the rhythm of my being. Ah, sweet metamorphosis! I’ve since woven a multitude of these enchantments for kin, comrades, and wanderers who’ve gazed upon mine with eyes ablaze. Emanating both artistry and affection, they stand as an impeccable gift, and oh, permit me to assure you, traversing existence bereft of this marvel shall summon naught but incredulity.

Let us commence our sojourn into the realm of creation, armed with the following requisites: Fabric—a façade of cotton or polycotton, a nurturing core slightly weightier—corduroy, my personal pick, though felicitous felt or feathery fleece hold promise. Enter, your steadfast camera strap, a vanishing air erasable pen or the humble embrace of chalk, your trusted shears poised for the dance, and the stitching serenades of a sewing machine (though, the hand-stitched path remains an alternate reverie).

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With fabrics entwined, a tango of wrong sides embracing, lay your revered camera strap as the centerpiece. With the pen’s breath or the chalk’s grace, trace its silhouette—once, then again, in mirrored elegance. Pause! The leather’s terminal embrace too seeks acknowledgment; mark it, for this subtle detail shall gift the cover its snug cocoon. A symphony of shears choreographs the cutting—encompassing the grand design with a daring 1.5cm flirtation of seam allowance.

Now, let the curtain rise on the short ends, fabrics elevating to meet each other in the tango of stitches. Two rows of topstitching, akin to the applause of a standing ovation, unite them. With the overture complete, fold the cloak in half lengthwise, binding it with the grace of pins along the seam’s embrace.


With finesse inherited from needle and thread, trace the orchestra’s baton along the extended fabric’s length; a masterpiece unveiled—the flourish of trimming snips away excess, like the sculptor’s final stroke on marble. A hushed exchange of realms commences—inside, out—revealing the transformation. Behold! Your creation yearns to embrace your camera’s loyal strap.

Marvel at your accomplishment—a tapestry of beauty and comfort, an armour of splendour enrobing your camera’s essence. And let it be known, my kindred souls, that in this venture, you shall not only clothe your camera but shield your very tresses from the siren call of entanglement as you strive to capture fleeting wonders.

Is it not a tapestry spun from simplicity itself? A whimsical endeavor beckons, a minuet of delight for the forthcoming weekend, a tantalizing prologue to acquaint you with your nascent sewing machine’s symphony or to rekindle its song in the nascent chapter of the year.

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As our custom dictates, our eyes, dear friend, yearn to gaze upon your own odyssey with this creation or any other venture birthed from our realm. Grace our sanctuaries on Facebook, unfurl your banners on Twitter, or bestow upon us the privilege of your virtual presence on Instagram. Engage the hashtag #livelovemake and unite our collective spirits in the tapestry of artistry.

May your days be kissed by the splendor of this weekend, an exquisite interlude woven by destiny’s loom.

With boundless fondness,
Sammy xxx

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