Make it: Bucket Pincushion and Pretty Pins

Every sewer should have a cute pincushion, it's just no fun sewing without one. It is even better when you can use up some old bits and bobs to make one and pretty up your pins to match. I have used this cute little bucket to make mine, but you can use anything you have around the house, from ramekins to teacups and a pretty piece of fabric, I have used this yummy liberty print. 

You will need: stuffing, a bucket (ramekin or cup) a scrap of fabric, needle and thread, glue, scissors, glass pebbles or stones, pins and nail varnish. 

Start off by filling the bottom of your bucket with the glass pebbles. You can use anything for this, it is just to give the bottom some weight so it wont move when you pop your pins in. Next, take your fabric and cut a 25cm square. Fold the square in half and then in half again, trim the raw edges off in a curve. This should give you a rough circle of fabric.  

Take your needle and thread and sew all the way around about 25mm in from the edge. Before you gather up your stitching pop in a large handful of stuffing.

Once the stuffing is in the pouch pull up your stitches and secure it by wrapping your thread around the bottom.  Before you pop a couple of stitches in to hold it securely, put it into the bucket to make sure it fits snugly, then you can add or take out some stuffing to make it fit.

Take your glue and put a thick layer around the rim of your bucket. let it go a little tacky before placing your pin top in place.

Now to pretty up those pins. I have used nail varnish in some of my favourite Essie colours to paint my flower headed pins, I love the pins but the primary colours they come in don't fill me with joy.  This is a simple solution to make your dull pins look a little more fun and match with your pretty new pin cushion. Just make sure your polish is set before you use them.  I leave at least 24 hours before I use them, and as with any plastic headed pins never iron over them, just in-case.

I really love these pins! I cant wait to use them for a project. I love how using cute sewing supplies can make you feel happy about even the most mundane of sewing project.  I have some repair jobs to do this weekend and these will make doing those a little more fun.

How do you keep yourself happy doing those things that have to be done that you don't want to do? What's your favourite sewing accessory? If you have a go at making one of these do let us know, we love seeing pictures of the things that you make, and don't forget to #livelovemake.

Sammy xxx

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