January Food Round-up

It's got to mid January, we all over ate at Christmas, we are all a bit poor and well could do with living a bit healthily this time of year.  But healthy food is boring right???! wrong!  I am all about batch cooking a basic tomato and beef mince mix and then using it for spag bol, chilli, cottage pie or lasagne.  So, it got me thinking that there must be some other great recipe ideas out there that could help us all out in this cold and dull weather, aswell as helping keep the pennies down.

First up is top left with this One Pan Mexican Quinoa from Damn Delicious, which looks amazing and I am all about a one pot dish. I love Quinoa aswell, so this is just a perfect recipe for me. Some may call me lazy, but I just love something I can shove all the ingredients in and it will make something amazing.  Think I should invest in a slow cooker this year too - watch out for a post about slow cooker recipes! lol.

Next on the top right are these crustless Quiches which are perfect for making for your lunch at work.  I found these on Appetite for Life: Secrets of a Dietitian.  They are so easy to make and would be a great thing to take to a party as they are easy finger food.  The whole blog is there to help with nutrition and so you can find loads of bits and pieces on there.

Bottom left is Chorizo, Chicken and Chickpea soup - yummy.  I love the combination of Chicken and Chorizo with chickpeas and so this is right up my street.  I can make a mean stew with that combination too and so and easy way to do a bit of batch cooking I think.  The author of this blog, Ren, also writes for Jamie Oliver.com and the Huffington Post and so it comes from someone who really knows there stuff.

Last but by no means least are these Spinach Artichoke Quesadillas but of course you could make any quesadillas.  I always find it difficult to find good recipes for Artichoke and so these would be perfect to add a different vegetable in your diet.  Of course you can use plenty of other vegetables too, but why not try something different.

I realise that there is actually quite alot of spicy food in this round-up, it must be the cold weather, but you could add more or less as you like.  I do particularly love spicy food though so I would add more!  What recipes do you love to cook at this time of year?  Let us know in the comments below and we can take a look. It's always good to get new food options this time of year to stop the dreaded bored factor and head for the unhealthy stuff.

In fact, it's making me hungry just thinking about it.

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