How are we doing? Reader's Survey

Hello all and how are we holding up in January?  Its back to work for H today, although Sammy has been in the shop over the Festive period making sure we are all kept stocked with sewing projects! But I definitely detect a bit of the January Blues for us all.  But no need, January is all about new beginnings for us all and as our #morehappyme post last week told you, we have some pretty good goals to keep us going through the cold weather and post Christmas slump - with a blanket and cup of tea of course too!

We also thought it would be a good time to see what you all thought about what we are doing here at Live it. Love it. Make it and so we have a little survey for you here.  We would love it if you would fill it in and let us know what you like, not so keen on and want more of.  Plus anything else you would like to tell us of course.
We love it when you guys interact with us and let us know when you have made something we have shown you.  But we also want to know what else you enjoy and whether you think there is anything missing from our blog.  We love a bit of brainstorming between ourselves, but sometimes our two brains just isn't enough, so let us know your thoughts and we can make sure you are getting what you want from us.

You can find the survey here and please do pass it on.  I am now off to go through all the emails - with a cuppa of course!

H, xxx

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