Make it:Christmas Crackers

I don't know about you but I am just a little disappointed by Christmas crackers. The gifts inside are always a little... meh. Last year I bought a kit to make my own and filled them with sweets and my own selection of small treats. They were such a hit that I thought I would go one step further this year and make my own from scratch. To put a little twist on them I have made them in a different shape as well and am planning on using them as place-cards for our Christmas day dinner table. These are so fun and quick to make they would be a great craft to do with the kiddos in the count down to the big day to keep them involved.

You will need: A4 paper or card (enough for as many crackers as you want to make), Scissors, glue, stapler, Washi tape, double-sided tape, decorative paper and glittery decorations, Cracker snaps (optional)

Start by folding your paper in half and then cutting along the fold. Glue along the shortest side and fold the paper around to form a tube. Do the same with the second half of the paper.

Take your snap (if you are choosing to use them) and staple one end inside one half of your cracker. Then pop a couple more staples in either side of that to flatten the end section of the tube. Do the same with the second, half but don't staple the other end of the snap in place, just leave an opening for now. Pop your treats inside one half then slide the other half inside that, wiggle it until the free end of the snap comes through the space you have left open.

Twist one half inside the other to make a triangular parcel shape. Staple the other half of the snap in place with a couple of staples, so that it is secure then snip off the ends that are poking free. Here is the fun part, decorating! I used washi tape to cover up the ugly staples and to protect our fingers from any sharp points as they are where we will be pulling the crackers from.

I also made paper fans to decorate the tops of my crackers. You will need some pretty paper cut into strips, I make mine at least three times as long as they are wide. Fold them into a concertina to make a fan. Using double sided tape fold the fan in half and stick the edges together. Pop a little glitzy decoration on top and there you have a topper. Simply glue this topper in place onto your cracker.

I also added a name tag as I am using them as place cards, but you can just leave them plain so everyone can be free to choose from a bowl in the centre of the table.

I love how these turned out and I cant wait to share them with my family on Christmas day around the table. I have popped a special little gift for everyone in each of them to play with whilst they wait for me to serve up a yummy Turkey dinner.

Christmas is so close now, are you ready? What do you have left to do? Lots of gifts still to buy? I know I still have a few.

Sammy xxx

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