Make it: Chunky Stitch Scarf

It's that time of year where apart from getting in the Christmas spirit, it is getting chilly outside!  I have been meaning to make this plain old black scarf into something a bit more interesting for a while and so with all this cold weather it was about time I did it.

This is a really simple DIY and so it really has no steps at all to it.  First up, I chose to use some of my Wool and the Gang Jersey Be Good which is T-shirt yarn, that I got in our goodie bag from Liberty way back in March.  It was just the perfect kind of Neon Yellow to brighten up the black scarf and so had to be done.

Next step was to thread the T-shirt Yarn through some gaps in the black knitted scarf.  If the gaps were hard to find, I just used a crochet hook to help me.  I then threaded the yarn all through the top of the scarf and linked the two ends together to make a snood.  Then, that was it, it really was that easy.  I might add another line of the neon, but undecided yet.  What do you think?

What would you customise for this time of year?  Something woolly, maybe get the Christmas Jumper sorted with a bit of customisation?


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