Christmas Food round-up

It's nearly here, that Christmas thing and it's the time of year where we indulge ALOT!  Always with the excuse that it's Christmas! Now it will be my first year knowing that I should try and keep it dairy free, so I thought I would have a look out for a few new recipes to try.

First up is from Jamie Oliver for the main course of Lemon and Rosemary Chicken, yum!  We don't usually have a dairy laden Roast for Christmas Dinner and yes we have Chicken instead of Turkey.  But this year it would be nice to try something a bit different right!

Next up is the parsnips, the perfect accompaniment to a roast.  These ones from the BBC good food site and Honey roast Parsnips, droool.

Then, it's over to pudding and one of the biggest things I miss about being dairy free is Cheesecake and Pannacotta and so I found this recipe for Coconut and Lime Pannacotta on the all recipes website, so I thought it might be worth a try.

And lastly, my new favourite thing to make and a bit of an obsession is these Dairy free chocolate cookies from Lily Pebbles blog.  I saw these the other week and have already made two batches!  They are amazing and so moreish and easy to make.

Yes, I know, your welcome!

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