Advent Calendar day!!!

Hello and welcome to December, wow this year is going quick!  The Beginning of December marks when Christmas really starts for me - you will know by now of course that Sammy's starts much earlier.  Although with making presents, I do think about that side earlier, but anything else waits for the 1st December at least.   I have been known to be shopping on Christmas Eve.

So with that, I think the only thing to do today is talk Advent Calendars!  I do love the different ones you can get now every year and as I now know that Dairy is no good for me, I feel it justifies looking at lots of other ones - basically it just means I have the excuse to go for something bigger and better!   I have tried to go for ones that you can find in the shops as today is the day and no one wants to wait for delivery.

So first up is the Dashwood Studios Advent Calendar.  This is so beautiful and Sammy has done a great Tutorial for it over on the Sew Crafty website - did we mention you can now shop online???!! ha, ha.  So there is no excuses for not getting one made - even though you might not get it done today given that this is the 1st December, I still think its worth making.

Next up is the Lego Star Wars Calendar which is just ace - you can get loads of different versions of Advent calendar but some are sold out.  I managed to find this one on Argos but they are popular and so be quick.

Another option for the beauty lover is the Ciate Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar, which means they get so many nail colour options for the party season, amazing!

and lastly, but by no means least, I have added another cute fill your own advent calendar.  Pick up this M&S Cracker Advent Calendar and you can fill it with whatever treats you like, from a bit of chocolate to small gifts, anything you like.

Which one would you choose??? I love the idea of reusing every year and having items rather than chocolate.  I used to work at a company where a lady would make an advent calendar each year with treats in it and then each of the staff members had a day and so everyone got a gift! So sweet.


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