November Monthly Favourites

I can't believe that it is almost December! This year has just flown by, the last month in particular don't you think? Although it has gone by really fast I do seem to have a ton of favourites to talk about.

At the beginning of the month H and I took a trip to a place we had been dying to visit for the longest time, Sketch. This London restaurant is special, weird and kooky in may ways. We ate in the Gallery restaurant, which is a mesh of several artists and designers collaborative process. Everything from the servers uniforms to the plates and menus have been designed to create a very unique dining experience. I'm sure this place is not for everyone, but we just loved it there. If you are looking to try something a little out of the ordinary I would totally recommend it. We are heading back for afternoon tea very soon.

I am a tea and hot chocolate lover but I also love to mix it up. One of my favourite alternatives is Peanut Hottie, it is like drinking liquid peanut butter! Yummy! And if you like Reeses Peanut butter cups try mixing this with hot chocolate for a special treat in a mug.
My new squirrel pen is just soooo cute, she sits on my desk in pride of place. A purchase from Paperchase on our recent visit, more of a novelty, but actually is really nice to write with too.
Orly bonder rubberised base coat is something I have been trying to get my hands on for a while, I couldn’t find it anywhere near me so I resorted to ordering it online. I wish I hadn’t waited so long. For me with my thin flaky nails, chipped nail polish was just standard.  However since using this even my chippiest of nail vanishes have stayed put. Game changer!

I love scented candles but I can really only burn them in my room where the cats don’t go. Our Bailey is fascinated and has burnt his whiskers and almost his tail on a few occasions, it is just not worth the risk of burning them all over the house as I would like too. We have LED candles for ‘effect’ in the lounge and things but you don’t get the fragrance. Recently I have been loving Glade air and fabric freshener spray and when I saw they had Christmas scents I just had to try. My fave is the Cosy Apple and Cinnamon, so now we can have the look and scent of candles without the risk.
We took our annual trip to Renegade craft fair in London last weekend and as you will have seen if you follow me on Instagram, we did some serious shopping. Some of my fave items (there are so many) was this cute little unicorn necklace from Eclectic Eccentricity and this Seasons eating calendar from Dear Colleen. The Unicorn is obvious but this calendar is awesome in lots of ways. It has been illustrated with gorgeous doodles of fruit and veg, each month has a recipe and when you have finished using the calendar part you can cut it away and use it as a shopping list for the following month’s recipe, Genius!

So December in 2 days, are you ready for Christmas yet? I am putting up my tree today, But I still have a bit of shopping to do, are you all done yet? Let us know in the comments who you have left to buy for, or what your favourites have been this month. 

Sammy xxx

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