Make it: DSLR Camera Pouch with PDF Download

Hey there and welcome to another gift idea for Christmas, this time it's for the camera lover in your life.  Whether that be your brother, sister, mum, dad or friend, this tutorial is super easy and with so many different fabrics out there, can be tailor made for the person in mind.  Plus it is the perfect project for using up some fat quarters.

First things first, you will need: 2 Fat Quarters (the same or use 2 different ones like me), scissors (I used the Fiskars Servocut scissors which are a dream), pattern (download PDF), measuring tape, wadding, tailors chalk and a Sewing Machine. (you could hand sew this too, but just would take more time)

Cut out both pieces of fabric using the pattern.  You will have to scale the pattern up as the download is a third of the size.  I scaled it up onto a sheet of A2 paper.

For this tutorial I used my Canon DSLR 1100D and so for whatever camera you are using you may want to check the measurements against the pattern.  Most cameras have their specifications online and so a sneaky look at what your recipients camera is, will help you make sure the pouch is the right size.  When I made mine, it could have done with being a bit smaller in the end for a snug fit.

Once you have cut out both of your pieces of fabric you will need to sew the top part together (the part with the curve) which will form the flap to go over the camera.

Sew along the two parts that will make up the flap to make it into a curve, you will need to do this on both of the pieces of fabric.

Once you have made the curve on both pieces of fabric, lay them down right sides together and sew along the outside of the fabric piece.  Making sure you leave two gaps in the bottom diagonal corners as below.

Cut out the wadding so that is is slightly smaller than the sewn edge.

Pull the wadding through as you turn the fabric right side out.

When you have pulled it through you will be able to put your hands inside the gaps you left to make sure the wadding is in the right position.

Nearly there.  Place the bottom section right sides together.  This was where it was tricky to decide which fabric I wanted to be on the outside!

Sew along the bottom edge and along the the section where you left it open previously.  Then you are done.

The camera goes into the bag with the lens down and the flap protects the camera from all angles.  At this point I decided to top stitch around the edge of the opening of the pouch to ensure a neat finish.

All done!  What do you think?  Its quite simple when you have the pattern, it took me ages to get the pattern right, but making it took me less than an hour.  So its a really nice simple project to make.

Don't forget you can download the pattern as a PDF here.

Who would you make your Camera pouch for? This one was for me, but I am thinking who else I can make them for!!

Please note: Fiskars were kind enough to send us the Servocut scissors but we were not required to use them in this post or give a positive review.

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