Hidden Treasure: Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

Photo courtesy of www.ladydinahs.com
After our monthly theme in September, we thought we would do another one for November and this time all about Presents for that Big Christmas thing happening in December. Well why not!

So to start, I thought it would be good to use my Hidden Treasure feature as a way in which to spend some quality time with friends.  One thing I love about Christmas time is spending time with friends who you don't see all the time and instead of buying each other presents, why not book a meal out, go out for the day or go for a few cocktails?  You know, actually hanging out with each other and catching up properly rather than always on the phone or by email.

With that theme in mind, my hidden treasure is Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in London.  I have been waiting for this place to open for so long and now it's finally here, I just have to get on that waiting list to go as it is booked up way in advance, but I think worth the wait.

Lady Dinah's is a cafe with cats.  They will sit on your lap, you can stroke them and generally just chill out in their space.  It comes from a Japanese idea that stroking cats can be very therapeutic.  They use rescue cats too and re-home them, so its also doing a good deed.

So, why not get some friends together, book a spot now and take yourself off for some hanging out with your mates time.


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