October Monthly Favourites

Happy Halloween everybody, I have a less than spooky post for you today, we are going to try something new. I have been loving October and it has made me nostalgic, I have missed my Friday Favourites that I used to post last year, so I thought I would bring it back with a twist - this is my monthly favourites. I will kick off with Reloved Magazine, I am a bit biased as we had a six page feature in this issue, but I am a long time fan of this independent magazine.

In March I gave up smoking and last month I gave up drinking full fat Coca Cola. It may seem like a silly thing but I was using it as a replacement for the cigarettes so I am so glad I have managed to quit both now. I have been drinking water as an alternative, but since my taste-buds have been recovering from quitting smoking I am a little picky about which brands of water I like. The solution for me has been the Bobble bottle. This water bottle filters tap water as you drink it and it tastes great.

I am a long time Max Factor fan and I really enjoying channelling my 16 year old self and bringing back lip liner into my daily routine. In particular the colour elixir lip liner in pink petal paired with the colour collections lipstick in rosewood. As well as lippy, my nails are getting into the season with BarryM nail polish in Vintage Violet.

My new blog planner The Monthly Times planner pad from one of my all time fave online stores Fox and Star is an epic addition to my desk. They are out of stock right now but there are tonnes of others to choose from at Fox and Star.

The last thing I have been inseparable from this month is my hot water bottle, it's so cosy and comforting. This one is from Argos and matches my favourite slippers.

What have been your favourite things this month? Let us know or link to your own posts in the comments below.

Have a Happy Halloween weekend and stay safe out there.
Sammy xxx

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