Make it: Pumpkins 3 ways

With Halloween just around the corner it's definitely Pumpkin season.  Now I am not really into Halloween and so I prefer to think of Pumpkin pie and autumn themed decoration instead.  So, I thought that making Pumpkins in three different ways would enable those who do or do not like Halloween to enjoy this week all the same in a pumpkin kind of way.

First up is my funky foam strip pumpkin.  You will need: Funky foam, Paper fasteners, felt, scissors, screwdriver (or something to make a hole with), pencil and a Ruler.

Cut up your funky foam into roughly 10 strips, I made mine about 3cm wide and 30cm long.  Put a hole in each end of the strips (this is where I used the screwdriver to make a hole), making sure they are in the same place in each strip so that you get a clean finish at the end.

Pop a paper fastener through all the strips and open out on the other end.  Start pulling out the strips in the middle so that they naturally open into a circular shape.

I decided to make some leaves for the top, so I used felt and cut a couple of leaves for the top.

I then added glue to the top of my pumpkin base and added the leaves.

Next up is Pom pom pumpkins!  You will need: 75cm x 140cm dress net, thread, scissors. You can find a full tutorial on how to make the Pom Pom's here.

Then I added some black felt to make a pumpkin face - the one at the top of this post, I added some green felt for the pumpkin top.

I kind of feel this pumpkin is channelling it's inner kiss, but I am sure you can come up with some other scary faces for the night itself.

Then, lastly it is Fabric pumpkins!  You will need: Fabric, Thread, needle, scissor, felt, a pen and stuffing.

Firstly I drew a big circle on my fabric and cut it out.  Then I did a running stitch all along the outside of the circle, pulling it together to make a pouch before filling it with stuffing and pulling it closed and stitching it together to keep it closed.

Using another piece of thread, I made segments by pulling it up and over the circle and pulling it tight to give the illusion of pumpkin segments.  Then with black felt I cut a pumpkin leaf top and strip of felt to roll up to make a stalk.  By glueing this on the top of my pumpkin I was done!

You can make these fabric pumpkins out of any fabric and colour and so you can theme them to your decoration.  Last year we made pincushions in a very similar way, you can see that tutorial here.

What do you think to all the pumpkins?  It is making me want to have Pumpkin pie now!

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