Make it: Primark Style Heart Cushion

Happy Wednesday everyone, it's DIY day here and this is one that I have had a lot of requests for from friends of mine to make.  Every blogger and vlogger from here to eternity has been 'Primark hauling' the fluffy white heart cushion that is the seasons must have. When I told my girls how easy they were to make I was inundated with requests for these cushions in lots of different colour ways. They are so easy and you can even do what I did and use your old velour pyjama bottoms to make them.  I thought I would share this DIY Primark style Heart cushion with you so you can make your own too.

You will need: 1/2 metre of velour (short-pile fur, fleece fabric or an old pair of tracksuit or pyjama bottoms will also work), a cushion pad or loose stuffing, scissors, a sewing machine, fabric marker pen, pins, a needle and thread.

If you are using your tracksuit bottoms you will need to cut up the inside seam and open out the legs, place the legs with right-sides together.  Draw yourself a large heart shape with your fabric marker.  I just freehand drew mine, but you can make a simple template with newspaper if your unsure of the shape.  Then pop your pins around the edge of your shape in towards the centre with the heads of your pins on your pen line.

Cut around the edge of your heart leaving a 1.5cm seam allowance.  Hop over to your sewing machine and stitch, following your pen line as a guide, around your heart shape, leaving a 10-15cm gap at the end.  I usually start at the point, so that when I am stitching up the last bit it is easier than stitching on the curve.  Turn your cushion right side out and stuff with the loose fibre from inside your cushion pad.  Stitch the gap closed you left open at the end and you are all done.

I loved the first one I made so much that I made another one and kept these ones for myself. I have added them to my bed cushion collection.  They are so cosy and comfy to snuggle in on these chilly Autumn evenings and read my book. These are so sweet, and you could make them in any fabric, how cute would they look make in some ditsy floral fabric or Liberty prints, the possibility's are endless.
How cute do they look with my star cushion and my gorgeous 'Good Night' cloud cushion from the amazing Fox in the Attic. Who, by the way, are featured in our Who's Who later this month, so keep an eye out for that.

Which home furnishings are you loving at the moment, are you swapping up your d├ęcor for the Winter months to come? Let us know your Autumn favourites in the comments.

As usual let us know if you have a go #livelovemake

Sammy xxx

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