Always the Guest

Someone commented to me this week that I know so much about Weddings I should write a book. Now this may be that I have been to 32 of them - yep that's right, I am seriously not kidding; it could be that I used to work as an Events Organiser which included co-ordinating weddings or that as a blogger I see alot of fun stuff like cake and decorations, alot of the time.

When I was thinking about what to post this week, I was thinking back on my September, which as a frequent wedding goer, was probably the most weddings in one month I have ever been to.  All the weddings I have been to have been amazing and to see two people so in love on their wedding day is definitely something to enjoy.  Obviously it's all about the food for me really!  Only kidding.

The first wedding I ever went to was in 2002 and so I didn't have that childhood memory of being a bridesmaid in a pretty dress.  But I have picked up a few things along the way too, including alot of dresses, which although I have never been married myself, I hope will be useful.

1. Venue
Pick a venue you love, I know that money is always going to be an issue, but if you love it, your guests will love it, you will love the photos in 20 years time at it and you will be glad you really thought about it and made it work for you.

2. Pick what's important
You might want to spend more on the dress, more on the venue, more on the food.  But whatever it is, find out what you think is more important for you, not anyone else.

3. The food
If you love it, have it.  Simple as that - don't worry about what others may or may not like. Also included here is the cake!  I mean you know I had to talk about cake right!  Make it special, make it you, make it tasty.

4. Don't sweat the small stuff
I have been around many a bride and all I know is that on the day, nothing else matters apart from you and your partner.
5. Photos
Get a good photographer and perhaps a Videographer as then when you start to forget what actually happened on the day (cos you will, it will go so quick) you can get that DVD on.  Nothing is worse than realising you haven't got pictures you want either.  So invest.

Weddings really are a personal thing and so by no means is this me telling you what to not do or to do, just go with what you really want and it will be the day you want.

Looking forward to the next batch of invites!

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