Makers Month: Who's Who: Claireabellemakes

Up next in our Who's who series for Makers Month is the one and only Claire from Claireabellemakes.  We have been lucky enough to meet her at various events and so can say she is a thouroghly nice person too!  Let's see what makes Claire into Claireabellemakes.

Who are you?
I'm Claire aka Claireabellemakes and I live in Cambridge, UK. I spend my life riding bicycles and making jewellery and accessories, as well as crocheting and knitting. I have a huge stationery obsession and adore sending snail mail. I am also a crazy cat lady which I'm really not ashamed of.

What do you do?
By day I'm a PA for science professors, but I run an Etsy store alongside the day job. All the items I sell are inspired by my home city of Cambridge such as bicycle jewellery (the bracelets have been a massive hit!) and Scrabble creations (Cambridge is the biggest word geek out there). I also write a Blog, Claireabellemakes, which is updated 3 times a week with DIYs, giveaways and general handmade chit chat! 

How did you start?
For me, the blog was a natural place to begin alongside Twitter. I built up my network of crafty friends and began to write about my handmade life. A couple of months after the blog was established I started the Etsy store and managed sales even before I opened! I've always been a creative person, but in 2012 I felt it was the right point for me to start my passion having just finished my graduate studies. I found myself with all this time I previously spent studying, so what better way to fill it that with crochet Totoro's and Etsy makes?!

What's Next?
Claireabellemakes had a SUPER busy summer with the Tour De France as people went nuts for the bicycle jewellery!! Now the focus has moved onto Scrabble Wall Art and making custom pieces for customers to display in their homes or gift as gifts. I've also been working on a makeover for my craft studio so will be sharing this on the blog very soon.

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to the beginning?
Take a refresher photography course right away, don't wait 2 years! Beautiful images get you a long way in the creative world. 

Isn't it all beautiful! Loving all the Bicycle's and scrabble pieces.  Go check out Claire's blog too, for she has always got a new tutorial to show you.

H & Sammy

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