Makers Month: Tea and Biscuits

We all know by now that we love a bit of Tea and biscuits over here at Live it. Love it. Make it HQ.  Not excluding cake and generally all kind of lovely treats of course!

So what better way to celebrate Makers month for another post, than with our kind of tea and biscuits!

First up we have a very lovely pig on a mug, from HAM, H got to hear about this company at the last Crafty Fox Talk and has been obsessing over the British company ever since!  They also make stationary and so you can get the cute little pigs or rabbits there too, aren't they cute?  They make every mug in one of the last remaining potteries in Stoke on Trent and so are truly British.

With your mug of tea, you want to settle down in a cosy sofa surely and so these amazing cushions from Nikki McWilliams are a must.  We have been loving these cute biscuit cushions since we first saw them on Instagram.  You can choose between custard creams, fondant fancies and of course these Tunnocks teacakes which are just basically brilliant!  Perfect for tucking your feet under, leaning back and having a brew.  Which one would be your favourite?

Then, of course for the real tea lovers, there is the staple of a teapot and these designs from Hannah Turner are just so cute.  It might also help that she has some amazing owl designs, but that just happens to be coincidental, honest!  So this Owl teapot is a must for me, but you can also find Peacock, Birdlife or Hedgerow designs too.

Last, but not least is the tea itself.  I have tried some pretty brilliant tea in my life, but always come back to a usual brew and these ones from Teapigs have so many flavours to choose from.  I do love the everyday brew, but the green teas and peppermint teas are pretty good too.  You can pick up a good variety too, so that you can pick and mix your own favourite flavours.  Which ones would you choose?

So there are my slightly different choices for a tea and biscuits afternoon, what do you think?  What would be your favourite flavours and treats to have?

Let us know in the comments below and we can get some serious food envy!


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