Makers Month: Make it: Liberty Print Elbow Patches

Obviously we couldn't go through our Maker's Month without using a little Liberty fabric!  We were lucky enough to be given some fabrics from the lovely people at Liberty, when we went to the event that The New Craft Society organised with them back in March, you can see our post here.

So what better way to use some lovely fabric, than with some elbow patches to jazz up a plain jumper.  I do love an elbow patch, maybe it's the geek in me! So I thought it would be great to update the look.

You will need: Jumper, Scissors, Pinking Shears, Fabric, Bondaweb, Patch pattern, Embroidery Thread, Needle, Tape measure, Tailors Chalk, Iron.

You will need to pop your jumper on so that you know where your patches need to go.  Use some tailors chalk to mark where your elbows sit and a rough idea of top/bottom and edges so that when you take off the jumper you will have it nice and straight.

Use your tape measure to measure down from the shoulder seem so that they sit around the same area on each side.

Cut out a rough size piece of fabric and add the bondaweb to the back.

Using your pattern piece (I have done an oval shape, but you can do any shape you like, heart, star etc) cut out two pieces of fabric for your patches.  I would cut slightly larger than your pattern piece so that when you go around the edge with your pinking shears you have a similar size to your original plan.  You don't have to use pinking shears but I thought it added a nice effect.
Then peel back your bondaweb, so that the glue is ready to be attached to your jumper.

Iron on your patches to where you have marked on your jumper, making sure the edges are all glued down.

Using a similar or contrasting (depending on the look you are going for) embroidery thread, (I stranded mine down to 3 to make it slightly less chunky) sew around the edge of the patch to ensure that it definitely stays in place but also it adds a little something to the look.

Then your done! Go forth and enjoy your new Jumper, an easy update for a plain jumper and something which no one else will have.

If you do have a go at this project please tweet or Instagram us a picture with #livelovemake.

As you read this I will be in Berlin and so Guten Tag to you all!

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  1. Liberty fabric AND elbow patches... none of my cardigans are safe now, will definitely have to try this!

    1. We are elbow patching everything we can get our hands on round here, We Love them!

  2. Love this idea! I remember a while back seeing a cardi on ASOS which had heart-shaped elbow patches. I often regret not buying it. But with this tutorial I could make my own!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, you surely could. I remember seeing one with star shaped patches, that's definately next on the list!

  3. I fell in love with this project! I was wondering what can be used in place of Bondaweb. We don't have this product in the US...

    1. Hey, I think you can get something called wonder under in the US. But also if you pin or tack it down you can just see along the outside of the patch and no need for that part at all. Hope that helps! H

    2. Yes, you are correct. I just looked online and found a product by Pellon called Pellon 805 Wonder-Under. Thank you so much!

    3. Yey, great stuff. Hope you have fun making it! H


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