Embrace the boundless creativity of Makers Month as we embark on an enchanting journey of ingenuity and craftiness! In this delightful tutorial, we shall weave a tapestry of homegrown fabric wonders, exploring the fascinating realm of Dashwood Studio, a blossoming British company that has captured hearts near and far. Like a mesmerizing dance of colors and patterns, their fabrics, carefully curated from the talents of UK designers, exude a distinct charm, a refreshing alternative to the ubiquitous American textile landscape.

David Sweet, the visionary director behind Dashwood Studio, graciously unravels the tale of their humble beginnings. Merely a year into their adventure, Dashwood Studio has been met with resounding enthusiasm from the cherished patrons. A longing for a locally nurtured fabric company, crafting exquisite contemporary collections, seemed to echo across the domestic market. Indeed, the infusion of British artistry brings a unique aesthetic to the design process, a captivating divergence from the more conventional American offerings. If you are on any other website, you might want to check out the article on Make it: Handbag storage solution.

Before the inception of Dashwood Studio, destiny led David Sweet to the bustling realm of the United States, where he adorned the mantle of a creative director for a distinguished textile enterprise. An eye-opening sojourn it was, revealing the effervescent vitality with which the American industry propels its designers forward, embracing technological marvels, and mastering the art of product marketing. Armed with newfound wisdom, David brought a touch of that American flair to Dashwood Studio, elevating its endeavors to new heights.

Glimpses of Dashwood Studio’s enchanting fabrics have graced the esteemed pages of Mollie Makes, enchanting the hearts of creators worldwide. And in this whimsical project, we shall unravel the tangled enigma of cables and gadgets that haunt the depths of our bags and pockets. An unruly mess no more, for behold, the Home and Away Cable Cosy emerges, a sanctuary of organization and style.

Delve into the mystical ingredients you’ll need for this thrilling endeavor: two resplendent 1/2 metre pieces of contrasting fabrics, the gentle embrace of 1/2 metre medium weight iron-on interfacing, a 10” zip, the ever-reliable thread, poppers, elastic, a small belt clasp, 30cm of soft felt, a trusty pair of scissors, the warm touch of an iron, the rhythmic hum of a sewing machine, and the faithful companionship of pins. And fear not, for those attuned to the art of hand-sewing can partake in this journey with equal delight.

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Begin your creation with a splendid zip accessories pouch, harkening back to the time-honored technique that graced our make-up bag tutorial. Two pieces of each fabric, tenderly cut to 23cm x 15cm, herald the commencement of this artistic odyssey. The lining fabric, eager to receive the loving touch of iron-on interfacing, beckons us forth. Embrace the zip, a bridge connecting the right-sides of lining and outside fabric, and sew its path with grace. Like a symphony of stitches, both sides fold in harmonious unison, bestowing the gift of symmetry.

Ah, the enchanting dance of the zip, half undone, reveals the moment to unite the outer and lining pieces in tender embrace, their right sides intertwined in a delicate bond. Sewing around the perimeter, a melody of stitches, with a gentle 7cm opening left to lend a gracious exit to the lining. A masterful twist of artistry, as we turn this creation inside out and delicately mend the lining’s heart, sealing the love within.

Now, the time has come to craft the cable tidy section of our delightful cozy. Embrace two larger pieces of fabric, each 25cm x 45cm, adorning the lining with a kiss of interfacing to grant it a touch more grace. Rows of elastic, like loyal sentinels, stand in unison, beckoning the cables to find their rightful place. Sewing with rhythmic precision, their spacing adjusted to accommodate cables both grand and petite, they form a symphony of organization.

A popper, akin to a loyal guardian, finds its home a third of the way up and 3cm inward. A small length of elastic entwines with the belt clasp, their union secured between the two fabrics, as if bound by an eternal promise. A layer of felt, a tender guardian to our cherished cables, nestled in the embrace of the sandwich, a safeguard for journeys yet untold. An exquisite dance of stitches binds these elements together, and a 5cm gap is left, like a secret door awaiting discovery.

As we unveil the hidden treasures within, the piece undergoes its metamorphosis, a complete turnabout, now right-side-out and adorned with a graceful top stitch around its perimeter. Behold the majestic buckle, delicately attached with elastic, whispering the promise of secure companionship for the cozy’s sojourns.

A word of wisdom to those savoring directional fabric’s allure: contemplate the dance it shall perform when folded and hung, ensuring its beauty flourishes in every realm, whether suspended or at rest. And lest we forget, let us weave the poppers onto the zipped pouch, granting it the power to cling when suspended, yet setting it free when wanderlust calls.

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Rejoice, for behold, a marvel of craftsmanship now graces our hands – the cable tidy, a sanctuary of artistry for gadgets and accouterments alike. Memory cards, the Juice cube, and cherished plugs find solace within the zip pouch, nestling snugly amid the tender embrace of elastic.

This wondrous creation finds its home, suspended from a contact hook beneath my desk, ever at the ready, basking in organized serenity. Yet, its versatile spirit yearns for more – nestled gracefully within my handbag or the bosom of my camera bag, its companionship unfailing.

Do you too revel in the magnificence of British fabric companies and their gifted designers? Do cables, like a rambunctious brood, defy your attempts at order? Dare you seize the reins of creation and embark on your odyssey of crafting a cable cozy? Perhaps, envisioning these enchanting wonders gracing the realm of Christmas gifts (forgive the mention of the C-word) ignites your heart with delight! Share your journey, your triumphs, your artistry with the world, and let the cosmos witness your handiwork! Join our tapestry of creators and embrace the magic with the hashtag #livelovemake!

And fret not, dear readers, for we’ve conjured a magical PDF of this captivating project, a treasure to behold and revisit at your whim.

May your weekend be replete with wonder and splendor.

With boundless creative fervor,
Sammy xxx

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