Make it: Unicorn Sprinkles Poster with Free Printable Template

In order to avoid another 'Sammy baking fail post' I have stuck to what I know best for this weeks DIY, arts and crafts. But it is in the baking spirit as we are celebrating the new series of the Great British Bake Off which starts tonight 8pm on BBC ONE! 

Sprinkles, normally reserved for cupcakes, are the main ingredient in this super easy art work. Wouldn't this be a great DIY to do with the kids over the summer holidays? 100's and 1000's are cheap, cheerful and so much easier to clear up than glitter. You can even download the Unicorn template I drew for free!

You will need:  The design you want to use (Unicorn), a piece of coloured card, a pencil, a paint brush, mod podge (or PVA glue) Sprinkles (100's and 1000's) and some washi tape. I would also suggest working on a large sheet of paper or newspaper to catch any fall-off of the sprinkles.

Start by using your pencil to rub over the reverse of your design. Once you have covered the design in pencil, turn your image over and tape it in position over your coloured card then trace over your design. When you take the top copy away you should be left with a light outline of your image. It is best to open your pot of sprinkles now so you are ready, then using your paint brush generously fill in your shape with glue.

Before the glue has had a chance to dry pour your sprinkles all over the shape. Leave it for about 10 minutes to dry before tipping up the card and letting the excess sprinkles fall away. You should be left with a gorgeous colourful silhouette which you can now stick to you wall with some more washi tape or frame up for a more permanent piece of fun art.

Isn't this just the cutest Unicorn EVER! Don't forget to download your free printable. I absolutely love how this turned out and I will definitely be making more sprinkles pictures. Wouldn't a babies initials framed up make the sweetest shower gift for a new mum?? What shape will you be sprinkling??

Sammy xxx

P.S. Let us know in the comments or on twitter @livelovemake what you think of the Bake Off tonight and winner predictions please!!

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