Book Review: Fun with fabric by Jane Foster

Wow-we just take a look at this book!  It's so pretty!

I got this book way back when for my birthday and I have been meaning to write a review for soooo long for you guys.  It was definitely on my wish list of books to own and I really really like it and so that's always nice.

Firstly, it came with a great printed Tea towel, which you can of course use for it's natural purpose or there are plenty of tutorials inside for you to use the fabric for.  So either way, you are onto a winner.

The book cover itself is really thick card and has lovely quality paper for its pages and I love the fact that it is square instead of the usual shape book.  That sounds crazy I suspect, but I do like a good bit of unusual design.

Throughout the book, Jane talks about her love of Vintage and Retro which is right up my street.

There are plenty of Tutorials throughout the book, with hand drawn step-by-steps and beautifully shot pictures.  The tutorials are fun and original and a few of my favourites include the Wall tidy and Seat Covers.

The book is split into two parts, the first part gives you tutorials on using vintage and retro fabric and then part two gives you ideas on printing your own fabric and what to use it for.

Throughout the book, Jane also talks about what fabrics and designs she likes and how to source vintage fabric for your own projects.

I love that the tutorials start with 'here's how' which shows you in the second part how to print your own fabric and then what to do with it once printed. We all must know by now I love printing and so this is all so right up my street it's untrue.

Right at the back you have the templates for the projects in the book, should you need them of course.  It's always good for you to be able to use some of the images you see in the book, especially if you are not so great at drawing yourself.

So all in all, I think this is a lovely book to get you started on a few projects and just stare at the beautiful pages.  It has great design and a lovely feel to it and was a great present to receive - thanks Stef.

Jane also just recently managed to win the Established Business Award at the Mollie Makes Handmade awards - so well done Jane!

Do you have this book, what did you think?  Any books we should check out?  We always love to know what you are reading or what you like.


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