Make it: Neon Tassel Sandals

When I was online the other day dreaming of a trolley dash at Modcloth HQ I saw these Tassel Sandals and thought what a cool DIY they would make. If you are a regular reader you will know how much I love a bit of neon, So you can imagine how happy I was when I found these neon yellow sandals in NewLook and realised I could combine my love of all things neon and tassels in one yummy summer tutorial.

You will need: Sandals, embroidery thread (mine were by DMC), scissors, gold thread and tweeters

Start by making your tassels, take your embroidery thread and wrap it around two fingers about 10-12 times leaving a small gap between your fingers. Gently remove the coil of thread from you fingers. Take a small length of gold thread and loop it through the coil and tie a secure knot. Take a second length of thread and tie it around the outside of the coil pulling it into your tassel shape. Once you have tied that securely you can cut the loops at the bottom of your tassel.

Trim off the ends of the tassel until it looks even and is all the same length. Repeat these steps until you have made enough tassels for both your sandals. Take your tweezers and poke them through the strap of the sandal and pull one length of the tassel tie back through the strap. Secure it in place with a few knots. Turn over the strap and trim away any excess ends, you could add a touch of glue to the knots for security too. 

There you have it, the perfect pair of summery sandals ready for your holidays. The best thing about these is that the colour combinations are endless! Neon, pastels, brights, all one colour or a mix like these, they add a cute detail to any basic outfit.

I LOVE these they will be perfect for the Hen party I am heading for in Las Vegas next month. How are you wearing tassels this year? I am also loving tassel necklaces, I am off to make one of those to match...

Sammy xxx

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