10 things to do this summer

Now, you must by now know that I love a good list, I have lists everywhere, lists of lists and always thinking of new lists.  Maybe I am a list-oholic!  Anyway, I was having a think the other day of little adventures that would be good for the summer months and thought that I would share as they are things that could be fun for you to do also.  So, here is my 10 things to do this summer ....

1.  Go to an Exhibition - I am planning a visit to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London next weekend.  I have been going for the past 4 years and really love to go and check out the Architecture room and Photography particularly.  There are so many good exhibitions and museums to check out though, perhaps combine a visit to St Ives for the Tate or go to Margate for the Turner Contemporary if you don't fancy London in the heat. 

2.  Watch the sun go down somewhere.  It could be at the beach, at a bar, in your garden.  But take in that moment of the sun going down below the ground you can see - it's a beautiful thing to see for free, so, that's even better!

3.  Buy yourself something you would not normally wear, it could be that the colours are not what you would go for, or a completely different look you have been wanting to try.  But you might surprise yourself how going out of your comfort zone and choosing what you have always wanted to try, can be liberating.

4.  Watch a movie that reminds you of being a child.  It could be The Goonies or Labryinth or whatever you like, but it will remind you of fun times, simple times and also might make you wonder why you loved it so much when you can see every wire and cardboard cut out along the way.

5.  Visit a new town, go Day-tripping.  Where have you always wanted to go, take yourself off for the day with sandwiches and a drink to explore your area or further afield.  I have plenty of weddings to keep me going this year, but planning on exploring the areas I go to alongside the wedding nuptials.

6.  Plant it, grow it, eat it.  Fancy having a go at making something to eat with your fair hands?  You can pop something on your windowsill if you don't have a garden.  I fancy having a go at Chilli's as they are simple and even my non-green fingers must be able to give it a go!

7.  Make a new playlist of sounds that remind you of good times with friends.  All those old classics along with some new ones.  I would start with Wonderwall by Oasis, which reminds me of hanging out my friends in the summer after my GCSE's.

8.  Eat Fish and Chips on the beach, come rain or shine, you just have to sit on a beach somewhere and try to keep the seagulls from nicking your dinner!

9.  Make something from your Pinterest board.  You know you want to!  The list gets bigger and you never seem to get around to it.  Allow yourself to be creative, give yourself a couple of hours in an evening or a full day with friends and get creative.  Watch a bit of Man Vs Pin on You tube first to get you in the spirit.

10.  Stand in the rain - lets face it, we all know it's going to rain at some point this summer and usually when you are out in your flip flops and summer dress.  Go stand outside with the raindrops falling on your head, I love it, it really clears the head.  Then you can go and find the rainbow afterwards!  You never know, you might find a pot of gold at the end.

What do you think?  Do you have any others that I should add.  I hope to get most of these done this summer, a mission accomplished!  What would be on your list though?  Let us know in the comments below.


 Live, Love, Make, Like, Share, Follow, Tweet, Pin, Add, Enjoy. 

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