Make it: Pompom's 3 Ways

It is celebration central round here this month, one reason is our blogs 3rd Birthday! (check out tomorrows bonus post to find out what else we are celebrating). We are thinking ahead and trying to decide how to celebrate... probably a little party! My favourite thing about a party (after cake of course) are decorations. We thought we would show you how to DIY some of our fave party decorations, Pom poms! We have an epic three different options to show you today using paper, wool and net.

Paper Pom poms
Paper pompoms are just everywhere these days, I have been making them for a long time, you probably saw them here when we did decorations for my friend Kelly's Barbie party a couple of years ago. You can buy them in lots of places now but they are super easy to make, then you can have any colour you like.

To make these small ones you will need: Two sheets of tissue paper, some wire, Scissors and thread.

Cut each of your tissue paper sheets into four strips, so you will have eight strips all together and pile them up on top of each-other. Start to make small folds back and forth until you reach the end. It should look like a fan. Find the centre point and cut two small slits in either side of your fan being careful not to cut all the way through.

Take your wire and wrap it around the centre of your fan shape, making sure the wire sits in the cuts you have made. Twist it around to make a loop, which you can hang it by later. Next is the fun part, start to separate the layers out one by one. Work you way around until you get to four layers down, then flip it over and peel away from the other side until you reach the centre, you may need to fluff it a little to even it out once you are done. Then attach your string to the loop you made and hang it up somewhere to look pretty.

Wool Pompoms
There is a long story behind my love of the Clover Pompom maker, it is a serious game changer if you like making wool pompoms, it means you can make a garland at lightning speed. If you are off to The Handmade Fair in September you might want to get involved in #worldpomination A record attempt to make the world longest PomPom garland! Head over to the site to find out more.

For style number two, wool pompoms you will need: Clover Pompom maker (or go old-school and use cardboard) Wool and Scissors.

Open out one side of your pompom maker and start wrapping your yarn around the double arm until it is full. Don't be tempted to over-full the tool, it works better if you just fill it to the edges. Then wrap the other side to match. Cut yourself a length of yarn to wrap around the centre, then start to snip the wrapped yarn in the groove of the tool.

Wrap the length of yarn around the centre and tie it firmly into a knot around the pompom. You can then remove the tool and you have a perfect pompom. To make it into a garland just use the yarn and tie it to a long length of wool to create a garland. 

Net Pompoms
The third and my personal favourite type of pompom are nylon netting pompoms. They are made in a similar way to paper pompoms but you can be a little more haphazard, oh and they are waterproof so you can hang them outside!

You will need: 75cm x 140cm of dress net, Scissors and wire.

Cut yourself a length of wire and eight strips of netting and layer all of them up. Start to scrunch the layers up in the centre, like we did for the tissue ones, but you don't have to be too neat about it. Grab a hold of it nice and tight in the centre and wrap your wire around the middle.

Once you have secured the netting, make a loop so you can hang up your pompom later. Then, as with the tissue paper style, pull the layers apart until your pompom is full and fluffed. Attach a length of string to the loop you made and hang it up wherever you need a pop of colour. 

 There you have it, three different but equally fun pompom techniques for you to try this weekend.

What are you celebrating at the moment? big or small, let us know in the comments below. There is no occasion too small for a pompom party! Right?! Don't forget to pop back for an extra special post tomorrow and don't forget to make a few extra wool pompoms to be a part of #worldpomination !

Sammy xxx

We would love to see if you have a go at this. Like with all our DIY's if you do, take a picture and share it with us on Twitter or instagram with the hashtag #livelovemake