Make it: Festival Flower Crown with Country Baskets

One of the great things about being bloggers is being able to try out lots of ideas and being able to show you guys how to make them too, the especially fun part.

Recently we were asked by Country Baskets come up with a tutorial using some of their products for the Ideas Library part of their website and so we decided to make a festival ready Flower Crown.  Perfect for this sunny weather!   So we thought we would show you how to make it here too, so that there are no excuses to miss out.

You will need:  Paper Covered Wire from Country Baskets, Assorted Artificial Flowers from Country Baskets (I used Blue Daisy's, White Gypsophila and Forget-me-not), Jewellery Wire or Florist Tape, Pliers, Scissors, Glue.
Firstly you will need to measure twice around your head using the paper covered wire, twisting the measured lengths together to create a stronger base for your crown.  The flower crown should sit in the middle of your forehead so that it remains secure when you are on the move. 
Tip - if you find this difficult, use a hat to measure around.

Then, start to place the flowers roughly where you would like them to be.  If you are using large flowers like me it is best to secure these first and then add the smaller ones in between, so that you get a really nice overall collection of flowers.

Next up is to attach the flower heads to your base. To do this, pop the head (cut from the stem) through one of the twists in the base and secure with jewellery wire or florist tape depending on whether you mind seeing the wire or you would rather an all over green band.

With the larger flowers in place, cut the smaller flowers from their stems and attach evenly between the larger heads, using the same process.  Make sure you try your crown on every now and again so that you can see how it will look.

When all of the flowers are in place, add a dob of glue at the point where you have secured each flower - this is just so that they will be extra secure and not fall off when you are dancing around your tent.

Once all of the glue is completely dry, the crown will be finished.  Then you can wear it to festivals, parties or summer weddings, or let's face it, just down to the shops if you want!

and, here is me, trying out the crown!  Cheesy Grins are optional.

Please do go and check out the Ideas Library over on the Country Baskets website as there are lots of other projects on there too.

As always we would love to see if you have a go at this. As with all our DIY's if you do, take a quick pic and share it with us on Twitter or Instagram don't forget the hashtag #livelovemake

H, xxx

Disclaimer:  We were sent a couple of items from Country Baskets to make the Flower Crown.  We were not asked to give a positive review of the items or publicise their website in return, but we did think you lovely lot deserved to get another Tutorial on our blog about it.