Blog Birthday Baking: EPIC FAIL

It's that time of year again, when it is our Birthday!  Our 3rd Blog Birthday to be precise, how time has flown!  We have had so much fun doing the blog and love telling you all about what we get up to.  We hope you stay with us, as we have lots of plans and more crafty fun adventures to share.

As with any birthday, it is not a true birthday without cake and so we thought we would give a new recipe a go, one that is dairy free for H and using agave nectar for Sammy.  We do like a challenge! 

However this time all did not go to plan.....

H found the recipe on the madhava website and you can see it here.

Now, by no means are we proficient bakers, but we do like to have a go.  We decided to make cupcakes with the mix instead of a big cake - which may well have been our first error - this is a baking fail post afterall!

We used plain flour instead of the almond flour - as H does not eat nuts.  Again, this was probably another error as plain flour is much heavier than almond flour.

They looked pretty good at this stage!  As they were smaller we only baked them for around 10 mins, which in hindsight was a bit too much, perhaps we should have given a shorter cooking time - especially for the mini ones.  They were - how do we say this - rock hard!  Obviously we had to give one a try each, but hard and hollow sounding is never going to make a successful bake.

One success was the Marshmallow frosting, it came out pretty darn well - even if we do say ourselves.  By this stage though, we were realising that are cakes were more pretty than tasty.  So we set them up and took some pictures and even those didn't go as planned, over and underexposed, really bad white balance, the list goes on...

We wanted to show you our 'fail', as it is a part of who we are, none of us are perfect. We all have bad bakes, bad 'art days', bad days in general. We are all only human.

If you do try the recipe and follow it properly, then please do let us know what it actually turns out like.  I am sure it is amazing if done well.   I think it was more a case of the bakers than the recipe here!

We are off to go buy some cake.
H & Sammy