Half Term fun at The Lightbox

Now, as you may know by now, I work in a musem for the day job and so school holidays turn a little more crazy busy than usual.

I thought I would show you what we are going to be getting up to this May Half term.

Tuesday will be the top left activity and is the Flower Power Panda Free Drop-in workshop, where we have a Panda coming from WWF (who's HQ is opposite the museum).  Every year they give out these statues for people to decorate and so we have one on Tuesday and they will have a drop-in on Thursday with an international flower theme.  Our theme is British flowers and we are also using our old what's on leaflets and any other leaflets we have, so that we are doing our bit for recycling.  When the flowers are made, they get to stick them all over the panda to decorate him.

Wednesday is a paid workshop day and we will be making lots of different patterns in paint.  We are doing wax resist, scratching into paint, using sandpaper in paint and using different paper styles.  They will then be able to cut all their papers up and put them together to make a mosaic style picture out of all their experiments.

Thursday is a another Free Drop-in day and it will be a bit of Origami with everyone being able to make frogs!  Well, we are next to Basingstoke Canal.  When you press the back of them, they jump too.  So I think we will have families of frogs jumping around the room on this day.

Friday is our Fabric Printing paid workshop and they will have the chance to print up a tote bag with a repetitive pattern using a rolling pin printer, making their own stamps out of cork or foam and all manner of other everyday items to make a print on the bag or maybe they will bring their own T-shirt too.

So, as you can see, we are up to quite a lot in the half term holiday and so if you are nearby please do pop on by and say hello.

If you get up to anything this half term, do let us know and #livelovemake on Instagram or Twitter so that we can have a look.

Off to have a rest before it all begins tomorrow!