Who's Who: Laurie King

This month we have Laurie King over for a chat.  H first saw him over at The Lightbox Craft Fair and as he also learnt Screenprinting at the Ochre Print Studio (Local to Woking), it would have been rude not to show you what his work is all about.

Who are you?
I am Laurie King, thank you for asking me to be a part of your blog.

What do you do?
I draw a lot. I ride a bike. I run in the woods. I work as a Graphic Designer. I screen print for fun.

How did you start?
I very rarely write much down. Normally it’s illustrated, sometimes its photographed. Seeing ideas visually makes confusing stuff simple.

My degree is in Graphic design (my proper job) and interest in the arts, creativity and good old hand drawn illustrations.

I was very lucky to have won a competition entitled "Surrey in 2012". Surrey being home to Boxhill and the highlight of the Olympic Games and myself being a keen cyclist it was not to be missed. The short edition of 40 was hand printed by Julie and Annee at Ochre Print Studio in Guildford, and was shown at The Royal Albert Hall and sold out.

Now I had to learn how to hand screen print myself, I joined one of Ochre's workshops and made loads and loads of mistakes, mess-ups and the odd triumph. I still make plenty of mistakes but have learnt how to solve (most of them). Personally I believe it is important to make things with my hands, there are plenty of editioners out there but it’s not quite the same, if I put my name on the bottom I need to have done it, the proper way!

2013 was exciting. I had the opportunity to present Sir Bradley Wiggins with my print "Yellow Jersey". Seemed only appropriate the man in the picture should have one of himself.

I also launched a cycling accessory. The water bottle.

What's Next?
I was contacted by The Lightbox and asked to exhibit this year. 8 pieces being hung in their cafe gallery - Taste of Art.  A real honour and nice to share some space with some great artists.

Laurie has a Screenprinting workshop coming up in June at Gorgeous Gerties in Dorking, you can go to his website to find out more information.

Looking beyond that my goal would be to build laurieking.co portfolio.

Big goal: I've not got a clue.

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to the beginning?
Be more confident. Don't worry what others think.

One of the great things about Laurie's work is that it appeals to both men and women, something which you rarely find at craft fairs.  There is alot out there for women, but not so much for men.  Laurie's work would make a great gift for the bike mad person in your life.

You can also find him at the below places.

Screen Print: www.laurieking.co

It's all fuelling H's printing obsession.
H & Sammy

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