Review: Molly Coddles Kitchen Mystery Pack

As bloggers it's really nice when you get to review some new products on the market and so when we were contacted by the lovely Rebecca from Molly Coddles Kitchen recently about her Mystery Pack, we jumped at the chance to have a look see.  Plus she resides just up the road from Sammy, so it's good to have a local crafter to review too.

The Mystery pack is full of Molly Coddles Kitchen goodies, with a value of at least £20 for the price tag of only £5, bargain.  The Mystery Pack includes at least 6 items. These cute surprises may include a felt accessory, ring or bracelet, as well as earrings, magnets, hair clips, brooches and more.  But you just never know until you receive yours what you will get - fun hey!

Ours came in a lovely Surprise black and white paper bag and what we found inside was: 2 pairs of button earrings (yellow and pink), Button ring, plastic Rose ring, cat keyring, bunting coffee cosy, felt flower brooch and flower hair slides.

All of the items are handmade by Rebecca herself in her Kitchen no doubt - hence the company name.  The curled up felt cat keyring chain is super cute with a good quality keychain attached.

This felt flower brooch would make a lovely gift or to brighten up one of your own outfits.  It's a really lovely put together piece once again.

These earrings and rings are definitely staying firmly with us, love button themed jewellery, it must be a crafter thing!

These hair slides will look great for all these weddings coming up and they are blue so that always helps to match most outfits for H.

This felt coffee cup cosy is a handy addition to the morning coffee run.  Again, Rebecca has put this together really well and it is a fun item for the coffee addict.

All in all, the Mystery pack is a fun and inventive gift for someone, or for yourself.   The items are well made and very different and so there is plenty of treats to have.  It's a lovely idea that you don't know what your going to get as it makes it a real surprise.  Although for some people that might not be a good thing as they like to know, but I like it as a concept.

Rebecca also has a subscription package called the Stud Club, which you can get for 6 or 12 months.  You receive 2 pairs (or more) of stud earrings each month.  Again it is a surprise what you get but you can give guidance on colours to help with your selection.  You can buy them from the Molly Coddles Etsy Shop.

If you get one of these packs, let us know via Twitter or Instagram using the #livelovemake and we can have a look what you get.