Mothers and Daughters

What would we all do without our Mums?  To learn from, to have fun with and to realise you are more like them in your adult life, than you ever thought you were - or wanted to admit to when younger!

We are both very lucky to have our mums in our lives and know that there are some of you out there who don't and we really can't imagine what that must be like.  The memories you have of them are what you have to hold on to and make you the person you are.

We have spoken before about how our mum's have been instrumental in our crafty upbringings and Sammy works with her mum at Sew Crafty sharing both their creative skills.  Without them we would not have made all manor of items out of loaf tins, matchboxes and some sticky-back plastic - if you can guess what those were then it shows your age!

Remembering those times at the kitchen table making and creating are what childhood is about and we are both lucky that we get to do that here on the blog aswell and that our mums are constantly learning and encouraging us along the way.

As it was Mother's Day here in the UK yesterday, we thought it would be a nice time to show you some old photos. 

This is me (H) with my mum when I was about 2 or 3.  I clearly had a thing for photographs even back then! - who doesn't love a Polaroid though.  My folks still have that fireplace now, which is quite scary and that fireguard comes in quite handy for the new generation in our lives.

Speaking of which, here is my mum with my niece at Christmas, mum is now a Grandma.  Meena was trying so hard to work out what the stocking was and once she realised it was all for her, she was in her element! Sounds so much like someone else I know.

Sammy and her mum were destined to work at a Haberdashery business together as in this photo, they are both modelling outfits made by Judith (Sammy's Mum) from matching fabric.  This was not the only occasion that their outfits were coordinated  as Sammy recalls 'my mum often bought an extra metre of fabric to make me an outfit to match hers'

'This photo is of us more recently and as you can see we have stopped wearing the same outfits, although we have been know to turn up to work unintentionally wearing the same colour'

So thanks go out to our Mum's for making us the women we are, we would not be where we are without you.

Love you
H & Sammy