How We Wear... Summer Dresses in the Spring

Both of us hate leaving our favourite summer pieces in our wardrobes for the looonngg UK winters. So we have taken to layering up our summer dresses to be able to wear them more often. H likes to wear hers with loose knit jumpers and Sammy throws on a cardi and belt combo. How do you wear yours?

H is wearing: Dress from H&M (Similar), tshirt underneath from H&M (Similar), Jumper from H&M (Similar), Tights from M&S, Shoes from Clarks (Similar), Necklace from Southbank Centre Shop, Ring was Handmade by H,  Watch from Casio, Bracelets: 1, Jade green - Forever 21 (Similar); 2, Black & White - Handmade by Sammy; 3, Flower fabric - from our trip to Liberty's.

Sammy is wearing: Dress from New Look (similar) Vest from H&M, Cardigan from Forever 21, Boots from New Look (similar), Tights from Evans, Belt from New Look, Bracelets all handmade by Sammy supplies from Beads Point on etsy, Amethyst necklace by SPARKLE FARM on etsy and Pisces Constellation necklace by Julie Nolan on Etsy