Make it: Quick and Easy Valentines Carpet Picnic

Today is Valentines Day, just in case you had forgotten and if you are like me you will have.  It is a God-send that my Steve's birthday is the same day as mine, otherwise he wouldn't stand a chance of being remembered, I am truly awful at remembering dates. If you are like me and have forgotten to sort something for your loved one tonight I have a suggestion that will get you lots of brownie points! A carpet picnic. The supplies only take a quick trip to the supermarket and a little careful preparation, perfect for those of us with busy lives and a memory like a sieve. This would also be great if you are having a girls/guys anti Valentines get together. 

I popped to the supermarket and picked up a few of Steve's favourite snacks and a couple of Valentines themed goodies. 

We both love strawberries and chocolate covered ones are perfect for a picnic, and very quick to prepare. Simply melt your favourite chocolate, dip your strawberries in and set them down on some baking paper in the fridge to set. They look impressive, even if they aren't perfect and taste great.

I picked up some of Steve's favourite picnic foods in miniature and arranged them restaurant style on a serving dish. Paying attention to presentation shows that you have spent time and make the little things more special.

I chose some fancy drink and fished out some red straws to make it more Valentines-y.  I displayed all our food on our coffee table in our lounge with a couple of small table cloths in lieu of a rug on the ground.

Our main dish was a sharing sub. I filled a small farmhouse loaf with our favourite fillings, each half with different flavours and cut it in to chunks. I kept it together with these cute heart cocktail sticks and displayed it on a cutting board to make it look more fancy.

I popped the strawberries out of the fridge and put them and some Valentines chocolates on another serving dish for desert.

This little feast was so easy and quick to prepare. A total Valentines save for anyone who has forgotten to do something special in advance. Your special someone will be impressed with the time you have taken to get everything ready and the thought that went into it, they don't need to know it was a last minute thing. If you want something altogether sweeter check out the sweetie platter I made last year.

We had our picnic last week, just in-case you were wondering, as we are at Steve's parents house for dinner tonight. What do you guys have planned for Valentines??

Happy Valentines day to you all

Sammy xxx