Make it: My Heart Belongs to You Necklace

With Valentines less than a week away I thought I would squeeze in a little jewellery DIY you can make before next week. This really sweet glass bottle necklace would be such a lovely accessory to wear on Valentines Day. 

You will need: A small glass bottle, confetti hearts (similar) , pliers, a necklace chain, tiger-tail wire, gold wire, glue. 

Start by removing the cork from the bottle. Then cut a short length of Tiger-tail wire to create the stem of your heart. Dip the end of the wire into some glue (I used my favourite Gutterman HT2) and pop two little confetti hearts back to back over the end of the wire.  If you can't find ready made hearts, you can cut yourself some from red or pink card.  When the glue is dry pop it into your bottle to see how long to trim the wire to.

Cut the wire to size with pliers. Use a needle or a pin to make a hole in the cork, to make it easier for the wire to go in, then dip the wire into some glue and push it into the hole you made.

To attach the bottle to your chain you will need to make a loop attachment, Take some of your gold wire (you can use silver if you prefer) and make a small loop at one end.  With the loop to one side, wrap the length of the wire and wrap it around the neck of the bottle, wrap the excess around the stem of the loop and trim.

Add a small jump ring to the loop and thread your chain through.  By now your heart and cork should be fully dry so you can go ahead and pop it into your bottle. There you have it, a gorgeous Valentines accessory for the big day.

What are you planning for Valentines?

Sammy xxx

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